UPDATE:  April 15th

Current Covid-19 Travel Restrictions are currently for "Essential Travel" only or "Local Travel" within our own Health District (VIHA) and potentially close proximity areas of Vancouver Coastal Health.  All other Health Districts or areas outside of British Columbia are not allowed under the current Provincial Health Order and/or our Covid-19 Terms & Conditions.  Also "Gatherings" outside of a "Single Household" or a "Core Bubble" are prohibited and will be cancelled. If you have received a contact tracing notice or were in contact with someone or you yourself test positive for Covid-19, please notify us immediately and we will cancel your booking.

Please ensure you read our COVID-19 Updated Terms and Conditions.  Here is the link which will also be on your booking form.  It also includes our "TEXT" check in procedures.  

Also, all guests that will be staying onsite must be included in your booking.  Make sure when you do the booking you input the correct amount of guest counts otherwise it won't provide you with the correct amount of guest input forms.  Only adult names and email addresses are required but you must specify the number of children.

Covid-19 February 5th Updated Terms & Conditions


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